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My name is Kevin McCloskey. For the last four years I have proudly served as the Third Ward Commissioner. I strived to be your voice within the Township Government. We made significant progress in terms of our environmental goals, park improvements, and business development. But I know there is work still to be done. I believe in this community and believe we still have significant growth potential. We have excellent schools and are an attractive community with natural location advantages for people to live, work and raise a family. I thank you for your support four years ago and respectfully ask for you support again this November. As always if I can be of any assistance, or if you have any questions or concerns about Township matters please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Re-Elect Kevin McCloskey

√ The Township passed environmental goals of transitioned to 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% clean and renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2050. This requires focus and political determination to achieve and it starts now. We need commissioners who are committed to these goals in every decision that is made.

√ Emphasis on stormwater management. We have parts of the town facing water issues that never had issues in the past. We have had a “100 year” storm each year of the past four years that I have been in office. We need to acknowledge this reality and take preventive steps to address these continuing stormwater issues in our Township.

√ Further investment in our parks and open spaces. Last year the Township committed over two million dollars to park improvements that included playground equipment, fencing, pathway resurfacing, court resurfacing, etc. Our parks serve as neighborhood anchors. This is an investment in our community. It aids and supports our collective property values. Our Board needs to further this investment in our 37 parks and make it a regular line item in our annual budget.

√ Support of our business community. As residents, our community deserves business districts that meet modern living. But as a practical matter, we need to increase our business tax base. This is a reality. This needs to be done through supporting our existing businesses and creating an open atmosphere to attract new businesses to town. The challenge is assuring this is done while respecting the neighborhoods surrounding our business district. I am proud of the progress we made in this area, but it is a long process, and there is significant work to be done.

√ We are a welcoming, diverse and compassionate community. It is codified in our laws and it should be part of every aspect of Township government. Residents and visitors should know that Haverford Township treats everyone with dignity and respect. I have proven to be a strong voice representing our Township.





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