details of Pledges

I believe a commissioner makes an agreement with neighbors to represent them in local government. If entrusted in the position, I pledge to work hard for our community to assure we continue to thrive into the future. As commissioner I will be RESPONSIVE, TRANSPARENT and FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE. I will push our community through BIG PICTURE THINKING to plan for the future and fulfill the potential of our neighborhood for the benefit of us all.


As commissioner I’ll respond to neighbors’ phone calls, emails, in person questions/concerns, and any other form of communication. As a community representative I pledge to make myself available to help where possible, but always to listen to questions and concern and respond timely. If the community puts me the position I’ll be responsive to all members of our community.


As commissioner I’ll engage all of our neighbors in the issues faced by our community. An essential component is keeping us informed as to what issues are being addressed and when decisions will be made. I’ll engage the Third Ward through email, websites, newsletters, and town hall style meetings to inform but more importantly to involve all of you in the decisions our local government makes.

Fiscally Responsible

As commissioner I’ll consider it my first responsibility to be transparent and sensible with the community’s finances. As a father of three I know how hard we all work to pay the bills to live in this community. This applies to services such trash removal, recycling, snow removal and general budgetary decisions. In each and every decision consideration will be given to value, need and cost to assure the community’s money is used conscientiously. Our community has real and difficulty issues such as new construction and pension funding that need to be addressed. Through community engagement and constant consideration, the fiscal responsibility of the Township will be apparent to all members of our community.

Big Picture Thinking

I believe in our community. I see the potential of Havertown as limitless given our resources, our location and most importantly our people. I believe the local government needs to view our community not just as a wonderful place to live, but as place that because of our schools, our services, and our people can be one of the most desirable places to live in the region. Our uniqueness is apparent by the flood of new residents who like my wife and I chose this Township as a place to raise our children. As we continue to grow and look towards the future, I believe the local government needs to think long term through planning with a vision that sees our community as second to none. We need to apply this big picture thinking to every issue including:


· Eagle Road Business District.
· Eagle Road Traffic Planning
· Playgrounds and Parks
· Library
· Business Investment
· Neighborhood Services
· And Every Other Decision We Make.


We are a special community that has the opportunity to better our neighborhood and our property values if we approach our growth with long term, big picture thinking. Our community’s potential is limitless in the area.